My C6 Corvette

I decided to put in new lights, so I'm going to fix some other small problems also.

A major part of the tear down is complete.

Lights are out.

One of the light mounts has delaminated.

New headlights are in and the wiring run.

Back side of the new fogs.

The LED fogs I was going to use.

Replace this starter button.

Replaced the dead lights in the pod buttons.

These tabs are not flexible.

To remove the buttons, carefully pry the tabs under the locks on the side with three tabs.  Then the othe side can be wiggled off.

I bought a spare just in case.  So make sure if you're replacing the old one, you get one with the latch on it.

I replaced all the blubs as suggest by some other guys on the Corvette forum.

Rather than try and reinstall the little plastic bulb holders, I just used some RTV.

I did the tail light mod for halos.