Revell F-15 E in 1/32 Scale




Well, just about finished with my 1/32 scale F-15 E. Sorry it's not the new one, but the Revell kit. Still, it's pretty good. The kit goes together very well and with a little test fitting a minimum of putty is needed. My only negative comment is that it isn't really an E model but the DRFD (dual role fighter demonstrator). This means that the kit does not have the tangential bomb carriage. The kit can be built as an F15 E or as an F15 D. Well, the DRFD was converted from an F15 B, so it should be easy to convert to a B model. The cockpit is really nice but the rear instrument panel seems to be a mix of the D and DRFD. It is closer to the DRFD. Still, it's big and looks great.


Also picked up the Verlinden kit of the ACES II ejection seats in 1/32 scale. This kit, in my opinion, was not well thought out, but still looks very good when finished. The kit seems to suffer from the multi-media curse. The ejection rail and cross braces are photo-etched the vertical rails are long and difficult to bend. The cross brace is too short and does not fit well. The kit seems to have photo-etched parts for the sake of having them. Also the color guide.........What color guide, if you want to know the colors the instruction refers to one of them, you guessed it, Lockon series by Verlinden. Also, these seats are modeled after seats for an F-15 E, They have fur seat covers. With a little work, these can be changed. Does the Falcon use these seats and with fur?