While straightening up after a building session, I was looking at the leftover F4 parts and saw possibilities.  I think this has been done here before, single seat, single engine F4.

Never leave anything to waste in whatifville.

Found it.  Very well done.  Inspiration from this build;


Will try to do my take on the single-engine F4 (F4 SE).

I think I will lean a little more to the A4 form.

Anyways the wings are together, I think this will be a slow build.

Added a groove to be able to adjust the wing angle.

And the first test fit.

Well, took a little time off from some bathroom (re)modeling.

I got the fuselage together, what there is of it.  just need to add the rear portion.  While organizing my spares, I found a resin copy of the rear side I was missing.  Don't remember why I made it.  I think I had bought a kit that was a short shot.  Anyways a little progress.

Started with the resin part in the above picture and ended up with this.  I must say I don't really care for remodeling work, like laying tile.

Got the rear fuselage together.  Just need to fine-tune it for hight.  Then I can start on the sides.  I think I'll try for a subtle coke bottle effect.

Intakes are cut down for the reduce air needed.

I was looking for the nose but couldn't find it.  So started looking at other options.  Then looking through the kit box I found a broken part that looked like part of the nose.  Keep looking and found most of the broken nose parts.  This is what I ended up with.

Got the nose repaired and primed, now I have a nose for both F4s.

Started to fill in one of the cockpits.  Made a new bulkhead and will try to bring the top line of the fuselage as straight as I can.

I think I figured a way to stuff an F100- engine in the fuselage.  We'll see.

Lots of PSR in the future.



General characteristics

Type: Afterburning turbojet engine

Length: 208.8 in (5.30 m)

Diameter: 38.4 in (0.98 m)

Dry weight: 3,850 lb (1,750 kg)



General characteristics

Type: Afterburning turbofan

Length: 191 inches (490 cm)

Diameter: 34.8 inches (88 cm) inlet, 46.5 inches (118 cm) maximum external

Dry weight: 3,234 pounds (1,467 kg)

Finally got the tile down and time for a break from the remodel.  Got a few things done after a clean up of the shop.

The F4SE has made some progress.  Got the cockpit about 90% done, add a new instrument panel from the spares box, and some bits and pieces to the cockpit walls.  Got the tunnel cut out for the new engine.  I'm thinking of using an old Foxbat tail(?) rather than the F4 tail but really want to keep as much of the F4 as possible.  Just a little bit of refining behind the cockpit and that will be done.  Just got to finish the cockpit then I can begin putting everything together.

Well, took some time today from the remodel.  Got some of the tail feathers repaired. 

Cockpit ready to install.  Decided to upgrade the seat, used an F16 seat from the spares.

A little test fit after installing the cockpit and lower front fuselage.

Got the first filler roughed out.

Putty applied to fuselage sides.

PSR started.

Got a little more work done.  She's going to ave 4 sparrows.  Had to open up the troughs but it turned out to be pretty easy.  Side benefit is they will hide some modeling sins.

Also got the new exhaust shaped up pretty well.

Looking a little more phantomish.

And she's packing some heat.


I got some primer on and there are a lot of so modeling sins to be taken care of later. 

Second Round of PSR completed.

Though I try to do the panel lines in pencil, thanks to some suggestions from the whatif community.  Also, tested the Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color Black.  I think this is a go. 

Starting the decals and I must say these 15+ year old work just lke new.  I use the Microset system to lay them down.  I also had two little disasters.  Dropped the canopy and broke it trying to find it.  Robbed another kit for another.  The right elevator repaired tip came loose, so I repaired it with a reinforcing plate.  I also applied it to the left side also.