What if the USAF wanted a medium bomber?  What if McDonnell Douglas  stuffed a third engine into an F4 Phantom airframe?

This what I started with after a "short" break.  The spacers on the top were not even installed, After about a week I ended up with this.

Spacers install, reinforced on the inside, and the start of PSR.

The wing is together and solid.  I also widen the main tires for the extra weight.

Relocating the tailhook.

Basic cockpit started.

The date on the decal sheet 6-88, not too bad for an old geezer.  I'll go around the edges with some black and call it good.  Oh yeah, no setting solution at all.

The forward fuselage is together.

This is where I build.  The work area is on the left and layout area on the right.  I have a piece of glass on the work area.  So, if I want a puddle of super glue or need to mix some paint, no problem, on the glass.  It is a little messier than normal.

Some honking big intakes.

Made a little adjustment to the intakes.

Elevators enlarger, I had to add a stiffener plate.

Rudder also enlarged.

Test fit.

Got the bottom of the intakes closed in.  Some quality time PSRing in nthe future.

Who would have thought that french curve would have come in handy.  Got one half of the hump started.

Right side done, easier the second time around.

Got some putty on today.

This was the first rough sanding about 30 mins after the putty was applied.

About an hour after the putty was applied.  


Next, some sanding and then primer and more PSR.

This is the putty.  Picked it up at the local big box hardware store.  You have to work fast as it cures in just a few mins.  Also, the smell is really bad until it cures.

Got some primer on, now for some more fine tuning.