Me 262H  (long range high altitude recon)

The Me 262H as you all know was used for long range high altitude recon. It was able to operate at altitudes and speeds that made it immune to interception from allied aircraft until the advent of the high altitude F-80 with rocket assist, which is another story. The aircraft was a development of the standard ME 262, each wing was stretched 11 feet and a 5 foot plug was placed in the fuselage for in creased fuel storage and an additional camera in the rear fuselage. Even with this increase in fuel the aircraft still carried two drop tanks that were jettisoned after operational altitude was achieved. JATO was also use to decrease the take off run.

The model was converted from the Monogram kit of the Me 262 in 1/48 scale. Fortunately I had the remains of another kit for parts. The out board wing panels were cut off the old kit, reshaped to follow the taper of the new wing and then glued to the new wing. The tail surfaces were lengthen 2 scale feet with sheet plastic sanded to shape and scribed. The rudder was heightened 18 scale inches by grafting part of the old kits rudder to the new kits rudder followed by sanding and rescribing. The cockpit was cut out so that it could be moved forward for better visibility. The wing was also to be moved forward a scale foot to adjust for the lengthen wings. A small strip of fuselage was left when these two areas were cut out and a five foot panel was cut from the same location on the old fuselage and then grafted into this location after which the wings and cockpit were replaced. The resulting gap behind the cockpit was faired in using part of the upper fuselage cut from the old kit. All joints were reinforced with gap filling super glue and sheet plastic. Epoxy putty was used to finish fairing in the parts and fill gaps. The model was rescribed, camera blisters added to the nose along with the camera windows in the bottom of the fuselage. An access door was scribed into the rear fuselage for the rear camera along with its window.

The True Details and Eduard detail set were used also.

The aircraft was painted overall Hellblau (RLM 65), with molting on all upper surfaces of Braunviolett (RLM 81A), followed by a heavier molting of Dunkelgrun (RLM 82). The upper surfaces are almost all 82 but not completely. The locations for decals were sprayed with future and left to dry a couple of days.

Decals were only the national markings with an aircraft number. The decals were coated with clear flat. The final parts attached and it was done.

At first glance it looks like just another Me 262 but it's just not right, better take another look. Oh, it's the recon version see the camera bulges, but something is still wrong. It's the wings they're too long, and the fuselage is not right. Hmmm, what is this thing.


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