Pionier Fahrzeug Licht

I pulled this out of the box of the lost and started working on it again. This is the remains from another project to build a lengthen panther chassis to make an SPG. I didn't know what to do with it at first. So it has now become the chassis for a light tracked family of vehicles.

An engineer vehicle should have a blade, right?  I just don't know if I should over-engineer it or not. 

These are the basic shapes.  Some refinement still to do.

Got it farther along.

Got the blade mounted, just need to do the rams.

The blade is on, just need to plumb it.

The bridge came today.  The slope is for the 251 halftrack but it fits almost perfectly on the Panther sides.

Spare tracks mounted and doors for storage bins made and in place.

I found a strumboat in the stash and decided to build a trailer to haul it around.