Home Made Posters

I was thinking the other night about how guys could attach posters to a diorama.  Well, I got to thinking, bad idea, so I went to a site I had found for German propaganda posters (http://stolz.by.ru/index.htm) and downloaded a couple and began playing with them.

What I came up with was using self-adhesive labels and printing the graphics to the labels.  I use MS word and used the label feature under tools.  The cool thing about this is you can position the graphic on the label and resize to the correct size.

I took the one the left and did some size and color adjustments in Corel Photo Paint.  The one on the right was pasted directly into the document.  I had to resize both graphics.  The left just a little and the right completely. 

I printed the labels on EPSON Styles C80 color ink jet printer.  Next I used a steel ruler and an X-ACTO knife to cut the graphics from the sheet of labels. 

Now here’s the really cool part, just peal and stick the poster where you need it and your done.