1:40 scale

Nov 4, 2004


Received my kit today and wow is it allot of stuff.  I ordered my kit from Ships n' Things.  I've had a couple of orders from these folks and I've gotten nothing but great service.

My inspector was satisfied.

Here are some pictures of the kit.

Nov 16, 2004


Finally got started tonight and got the control tray dry fitted.  Some of the tabs needed trimming to fit the slots.  All the slots need to be scraped or filed to open them up a little.  Need to disassemble it and do a little clean-up and then reassemble it and glue it up.

Dec 5, 2004


Got the front hull section cut out.  Also installed the grills for the flood vents.  I found out the grills for the front hole can be bent and installed instead of the aluminum mesh supplied with the kit.

Dec 8, 2004


Got some advice on additional references from Rui Matos, aka skipper, over at of all places Armorama.  I found one at Amazon (USA) and the other at Amazon (DE), books are linked below.  Thanks Rui. 


Also been looking for a radio.  I think I've found the one I will get, more later.

Dec 13, 2004


Ok, ordered a radio last Friday, Dec 10 and received it today.  Folks at Harbormodels were great.

This is the radio I ordered.  Came with four servos.  I found other for a little less but they only had two servos.

Here's what it looks like in the box.

Dec 13, 2004


Got the hull sections cut out tonight.  Thing is going to be big.  That's the Revell 1/72 scale Type VIIc above the XXI hull pieces.

Dec 25, 2004


I did a little testing and found two glues that work really well on the hull. One is Weld On 1802 a fast and thick syrupy consistency. I'm using this in my build. Also using Plastic Welder, I found this in the glue department at Wal-Mart. I've also found it on line.   I also found at the local Lowes (super hardware/lumberyard type store) a cleaner for PVC/CPVC to clean the plastic before gluing. I've tried several other glues with poor results.

Dec 26, 2004


Got some work on the forward section done today.  I didn't want the bulkheads up against the vents.  So I ground back the plastic to clear the vents.

Also got the forward dive plane linkages set up.  Robbe would have you soldier a washer on the shaft.  I screwed up on trying this method.  So I took some brass tubing that telescoped over the shaft and cut it to fit.  When everything was adjusted I crimped the tubing to the shaft and soldiered it into place.  In the picture you can see the washer on the right and the tubing to the left.

Fit is a little sloppy on the rear bulkhead.  Still need to glue the bulkheads in place and remove the support.

Dive planes and front bulkhead showing the relief cuts for the vents.

Dec 28, 2004


Got a delivery today.  I ordered some pulleys and belts for the rudder from SDP/SI.  I want to try and replace the bell cranks on the rudder and prevent cutting a hole in the hull for clearance.  My plan is to move the bell crank forward and connect it to the rudder with the belt and pulleys.

Jan 1, 2005


Got the vents replaced on the center hull section.  I had two grills short shot.  I emailed Robbe and they told me to talk to the US importer and supplied an email.  Emailed them twice with no reply.  I then emailed Robbe again and am still awaiting a reply.  I friend at work who is from Germany told me to wait as things are slow this time of year.

Jan 11, 2005


Got some work done in the last few days.  One thing I found out is to sand the opening in the bulkheads for the WTC.  Also did some more soldering on the shaft that seals the WTC.  The plastic weld mentioned above is great for the basic assembly.

Jan 15,2005


I've been on vacation for the last week and between honey-dos, I gotten allot done.  All the major hull work is done.  I've kind of been putting off fitting out the WTC.  Never done this before so I'm a little hesitant but the time has come.  After trimming the flange from the hull, I'm happy I went to the extra effort to reinforce the interior with plastic wield.  I think I will glue some sheet plastic to reinforce the bottom of the hull.  I'll just cut some sheet plastic to size glue it on and then blend it in.

Jan 22, 2005


Got some more done in the last few days.  I was wondering through Radio Shack and found some LEDs that will work perfectly for the navigation lights in the sail.

Jan 24, 2005


Got some more work done on the sail.  The gun turrets should be set into the sail not sitting on a ledge.  I opened up the pits for the turrets.  You can see in the photo the area in red.  This area behind each turret should also be removed.  I'm going to leave it as it really can't be seen.


You'll also need to shorten the length of the turrets.  I just glued some plastic scrap to the inside walls of the turret and then sanded the front and front corners down until they fit the turret openings.  I also plan on sharpening up the corners of the turret hatches as they are to soft.

Feb 6, 2005


Just order some 20mm flack barrels from Steve Nuttall.


Sadly, Steve passed away shortly after I received the barrels.